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We have areas of our office which are too cold or too hot. How can we make the facility more comfortable?

Balancing air, water, or combination systems (eg. air, water, and electric) can be done to greater or lesser extent depending on a number of variables (eg Are balancing dampers or valves still accessible? Has the system been modified since its initial installation? Was the system installed properly (ie correct line sizing & appropriate distribution)? Are any as built drawings available? Is the system appropriate for the current needs/usage of the building?) HCD Services can help you find answers to all of these questions.

Our AC system is too noisy. Can we make it quieter?

You may have bearing problems or structural problems contributing to the noise level of your unit. You can also have undersized ducts with high air velocities and pressures, increasing vibration, “oil canning” (popping in & out when the fan starts), and air noise or “whistling”. Hydronic systems can have hammering and thumping when valves operate too quickly and expansion tanks are waterlogged. Fan & pump motor mounts can be broken. Vibration isolators can fail. A number of possibilities are available. Call us & we’ll help you sort it out!

How can we save money operating our HVAC system?

There are a variety of control options available to you to assist in reducing utility costs. DDC (Direct Digital Control) is generally the most sophisticated with the greatest energy and operations saving potential. DDC routines include Optimized Start, Optimized Stop, Load Shedding, Occupied/Unoccupied controls, sequencing & selective switching (eg the most efficient boiler runs the most), and many others. Preventive maintenance service contracts further reduce the need for expensive emergency service calls.

How long can I expect my unit to last?

This is a difficult question to answer without knowing your usage patterns and your maintenance record. Poorly maintained or improperly controlled equipment can be destroyed in a few years or even in a few months. Well built, serviced, & controlled units can last 50 years or more.

Do you prefer certain manufacturers? If so, why?

This is always a tough question to answer. Many manufacturers make multiple lines of the same thing—robust industrial units, standard commercial units, a “bid-and-spec” (i.e. cheap) line. Some manufactures label for others. Shipping lead times and availability are also factors. The short answer is: “No, HCD Services has no preference.” What works best for you, the customer, is what we try to purchase.

Our ceilings are always dirty and the office is dusty. Can we get cleaner air? Or, this place is too stuffy? How come we always feel drowsy at work?

Keep in mind that air conditioning is not just “cooling air in the summer”. Technically the term means conditioning air, which includes controlling the temperature, cleanliness, humidity, movement, and quality of the air you breathe in your building. Contact us—we can help you improve your productivity and your morale!

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